Thursday, July 10

Sweet Nothing by Nicole Mowbray

If you are looking for some inspiration to turn from sugar to a sugar free me, have a read of this book.  Nicole Mowbray, journalist shares some of her trials and tribulations as a fully functioning sugar-less woman and shows us all how it can be done with her own unique blend of care and great wit and charm.

Her hapless childhood experiences with food mirrored my own child hood cravings and brought memories flooding back of always wanting more pudding and suffering for it!  It’s an easy read, a comforting read – check out the sections on home- work- life challenges with family and friends who constantly question the wisdom of transitioning – go on one won’t hurt – and the helpfully brief section on recipes to include in your transition.  It’s more a story book than a how to although if you read the book you will see Nicole treads a careful path leaving the way clearly marked for each of us if we choose to follow.

Here’s a piece of wisdom to take away with you.  Nicole is talking about the list of food ingredients on products in the supermarket and how difficult it is to tell what we are eating.  Nicole offers a handy tip which I write below to determine how much hidden sugar is in a product:

"To make it easy to demystify those ingredient labels and visualise how much sugar you are eating, it may help you to know that if you divide the number of grams of sugar in an item by four, you will get the amount in teaspoons"  

Try it and see.  Go on,  You will be amazed.  Try it on a Marks and Spencer’s healthy eating product.  This tip helps us put things into perspective and will make you think twice about the next healthful food product you are going to buy. The only way to tell if the food you are eating is good quality and sugar free is to make it yourself from fresh ingredients – hang the expense!

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