Sunday, July 6

A Portable Lunch

Watched an American show yesterday about a man who weighed 693lbs.  He said "he never thought he would get this big" and I thought, it's true is that, no one ever does.  But eating processed industrial food in industrial sized portions had only one consequence: industrial scale surgery.  And at 693lbs, Chuck Turner from Beaumont Texas, was telling it like it is.  

"When you get to a problem point in life, there are two things to ask: how did I get here and is it too late to change this".  Never too late, he decides and with a weight loss of 425lbs over one year suceeds in making a change."Progress takes time" says Chuck "it doesn't matter how long it takes just as long as you keep going".  

Here's a recipe to help you on your way.  A Portable Lunch for those who hate soggy lettuce..

2tbspn olive oli mixed with 1 tlspn of apple cyder vinegar and  1 tspn of mustard

Filling Vegetables
Choose from:
100g roated sweet potato
100g avocado
100g raosted cauliiflower
100g chopped or grated beetroot

Raw Vegetables
Choose from:
150g grated carrot
150g chopped cherry tomatoes
150g chopped cos lettuce
150g rocket

Choose from:
150g poached chicken breast
150g smoked mackerel
2 boiled eggs

Choose from:
1 tbspn sesame seeds
1 tbspn chia seeds
1 tbspn chilli flakes
1 tbspn almond flakes

Stack your salad in layers starting with the dressing at the bottom.  Stack in the order listed above.  Store in the fridge til ready to consume.  When ready tip the contents out into a bowl and the dressing will coat the ingredients at the point you wish to eat them!

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