Monday, February 4

Why Do We Eat?

Seriously, why do we eat?

We eat for energy.  Some of us say we eat for “fun” but that is not an essential reason in fact on closer examination, it’s not even a reason and for some of us not even fun anymore.  The other scientific reason we eat is to replace tissue and gather up building blocks for repair and maintenance of our bodies.

Building blocks and fuel.  We need both.  We can’t have one without the other as we need fuel for energy to gather up the blocks and the energy to fuel the bio-chemical reactions to keep up the repair.

Nowhere does it state we eat to cheer us up, to comfort us or because we deserve it.  Really, eating does not have a role to play here. 

And the building blocks we need for maintenance and repair are protein and fatty acids.  Not carbohydrates.  In fact we can get all the carbohydrates we require from protein and fat.  There is zero requirement for carbohydrate in our diet.  And yes you did read that correct.  Check out this great article by Ron Rosedale MD

There are two kinds of fuel our bodies can process: sugar and fat.  The body stores excess energy as fat.  That is evolution.  That is the body’s desired fuel that will sustain us and allow us to live through times of lack and scarcity.  The body stores only a little bit of sugar.  That is for turbo-charging purposes only and is not the body’s desired fuel choice.  Our bodies function at optimal levels burning fat, not sugar.

In fact if we had to rely on our sugar stores for energy, we would be dead by the end of the day!

The brain does require glucose (blood sugar) to function but can receive this by burning by products of fat-metabolism called ketones.  In times of fasting, this is what happens.  Try it.  It keeps us lean and mean.  We love the feeling of clarity and focus ketosis brings and always advocate it as an efficient means of weight loss when we need to get back on track.  

Glucose was meant to be fuel used in life or death situations: dodging fire,  racing a sabre-toothed tiger or wrestling a woolly mammoth.  It is turbo charged rocket fuel and we dig into our glycogen stores (sugar stores) and raid this rocket fuel when the situation calls for it.  And to be frank, these days , that's not often is it?  We have different stresses and that's a whole other post.

What to take away from this article?  To function strong and well we need to be burning fat for energy and repair.  To be slim, strong and vital we need to be burning fat.  What gets in the way of burning fat?  Sugar consumption from carbohydrates!  What does the modern western diet consist of?  Carbohydrates (sugar)!  Get out of the carbohydrate cycle and we are more than half way home. Get our bodies into effective fat burning machines, now we're talking action and results and that's when Paleo Works!

Kate Oliver spent years struggling with her weight and ineffective weight loss solutions – until she discovered a remarkable solution (backed by 2,000,000 years of evolution and experience) that helped her permanently lose 60lbs in eight months with no pills, calorie counting, potions, exercise or weight loss surgery.  Three years later, her weight remains stable - now that's worth celebrating!  

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