Friday, February 8


Triggers are everywhere.  We can’t avoid them.  The key is to discern a method of dealing with the feelings that wash over when the trigger kicks in.  Ice-cream, cheese, chocolate, sponge cake, Belgian buns for some of us these trigger indescribable feelings of comfort and love.  But that is not about the food.  It‘s never about the food.  Part of the journey is learning why we eat.  And emotions don’t come into it.  They are filed under another place.

Be very clear deep inside why we eat: for energy and for building blocks for maintenance and repair.  Anything else isn’t eating.  Anything else is a poor substitute for deeper connection and self- love.  Learn not to be afraid.  Learn to voice the intention behind an action.

So in that moment the trigger bites: focus on forming a single word that captures the essence of your intention:  the bigger picture; hold on and then let go.  And trust.

And keep breathing.  Things have a way of working themselves out in the end.  Promise.

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