Monday, February 11

Plan B

So it came round to Friday and I felt rebellious.  Full-time working mums can see where this is going - and there it was, NO TEA.  Walking in through the door after work, a little late may be but truthfully not on purpose, four hungry mouths open and looking at me.  What's a girl to do?  Order out?  Run to MacDonalds?  Run away?

In truth, I did none of the above.  Rustling in the back of the freezer I located a pack of sorry looking frozen pollocks - which seemed kind of appropriate!  Using the baked cod recipe from during the week I rallied the troops and we created "Cheesy Fish".  OK the title is not great.  Don't dwell on it. You will see for the purposes of this post we have chosen to call this dish "Plan B."

The dish contained the fish, olives, chorizo (bits found in tray in fridge), onion and dried tomatoes each offering triumphantly presented by the kids charged with exploring the back of the fridge, and was served topped with greek yoghurt and cheese.  And it worked!  Tasty, hot, delicious and filling (served with dark green leafy vegetables). Which goes to prove two things a) it can be done, even after a less than promising start b) always keep frozen fish in the freezer.  

Take from this what you will.  Me, I love the fact that this paleo way of eating fits in with us, all of us.  Family means no-one gets left behind or forgotten.  This time, we are all in this together.  (Cue song).

Til next time..

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