Friday, January 25


Yams….not a lot to say about these save that this morning I woke up and felt like I had been run over by a bus.  End of story.

I had not (been run over by a bus that is).  What I had done was to eat sliced yam (smothered in bacon and cheese) for the first time ever for tea and while I can see the possibilities in yams in terms of having a full belly and all, if you are starving and have no choice;  I do have a choice and that is to pass on by.

Keeping my carb consumption low to very low over the next 7 days to remind self how good it feels.  Living from that place is a lot easier that see-sawing up and down on a bag of carb frustrations!  But hey,  we are human too!  

And anyway who needs carbohydrates that dense when we eat delicious tasty fat!  No contest.

Every day brings something new to learn with and experiment.  Tell us, what have you found out  on your paleo journey?

Til next time

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