Friday, January 4

The Greedy Girl's Diet

Can’t let this one pass by unnoticed!

Here’s another celebrity dieter fallen off the wagon of conventional diets who tells us all what we already know. 

“Presenter Nadia Sawalha has admitted that keeping all of the weight off has been a struggle and has now evened out to a more “womanly” size 12”  The 48 year old told Closer magazine that she is the happiest she’s ever been with her shape as she found maintaining her size 8-10 figure nearly impossible.”

It transpires that having sold a DVD and fitness video confirming that conventional dietary wisdom is the way forward, it appears it is not.  Oh and there is another dietary advice book in the pipeline from Nadia rather horribly entitled the “Greedy Girl’s Diet”.

As Nadia helpful advises “I have tried every diet known to man and, each time I lost weight, I piled it straight back on again.  When I started the Atkins diet I started dreaming my duvet was naan bread”

Er…....more dodgy diet advice anyone?  Nadia what makes this new weight loss regime successful on a long term basis?  Have you eaten it for the long term?  Can you prove it is sustainable? 

The paleo diet is different.  For a start it is based on 2.5 million years of evolution and with that kind of scientific data behind us anything is possible. Head to our "what is paleo" page for more information.

But for now,  here it is, a passionate plea from all at paleo works:  if you are looking for long term sustainable weight loss head for the diet we were born to eat; caveman, paleo, paleolithic, archevore, ancestral health: call it what you like Paleo Works!

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