Tuesday, January 29


"Don't be scared to fly alone
Find a path that is your own
Love will open every door
What are you waiting for..
Spread your wings and soar!"

This quote makes me think of our paleo life and the leap of faith we took in eating so different to those around us.  Every year had seen weight pile on for each of us, carrying four children took it's toll on my body, working full time, divorce and simply mothering these guys (much as I love 'em), drained me.  Diets came and went, yo-yoing back and forth, wilder and wilder gains and losses, culminating in a diet regime that did not require me to eat solid food for 200 days and I shed over 6 stone in body weight in 7 months.  Needless to say the weight re-bounded, doubled and broke me.  Those were very lonely years.

Although, let me tell you, rock bottom is a pretty solid foundation when we find it.

And then I fell in love with Michael and chance encounters brought us both to paleo and a time of choice: wanting to have strong, vibrant, vital bodies for each other and to enjoy the years ahead of us or wanting to consume junk food: sweets, belgian buns, chocolate bars, eclairs: we both knew that we were living but we were not alive and we wanted more.  We wanted to push our bodies back to the health and vitality we knew as our birthright and to do that we had to revise our diet.  Simple but never easy.  And so we went back to basics.

What we learned was the impact of the food we were eating on our bodies at every level: mental, emotional and physical.  Food was causing us to sink.  We were eating enormous quantities of carbohydrate (about average though on a western diet) and we were addicted always to wanting more, chasing the carbohydrate dragon.  We had to break the cycle and to do that we had to understand what was causing us to eat this way.  

That was three years ago. We lost the weight quickly and effortlessly through eating paleo and it stabilised and has been straightforward to maintain.  We never looked back.  We keep walking forward one step in front of the other and keep breathing.  At the end of the day that's all we can do.  And that's the knowledge we pass on so that others can remember their birthright and learn how to soar too.

Kate Oliver spent years struggling with her weight and ineffective weight loss solutions – until she discovered a remarkable evolution solution that helped her permanently lose 60lbs in eight months with no pills, potions, exercise or weight loss surgery. 

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