Tuesday, January 22

Paleo JT's

That is paleo jam tart.  An instant red hot favourite at the Oliver homestead, created on a whim by three wonderful paleo teenage kids who have taken some time to adapt to a life without junk food, ketchup and sweets but with whom sharing this lifestyle, this daily voyage of food discovery has become an adventure, a place where magic happens.  We did it and are doing it daily.  What are we doing that's so radical?  Eating real food!  That's all.  Read more about us here What is paleo?  And in the meantime...


Pie crust (left over from chicken pot pie recipe)


Raspberries (about 6 or 7)
Honey to taste


Roll out the pie crust into a boat shape

Mash the filling ingredients together and place on top of the crust and cook at 180C for about 10 - 15 minutes

The kids of course watched this one like a hawk - there was never any danger of it burning!

We served it with a dollop of yoghurt (greek style)  - had we had cream we would have used that!

Warning - as with any jam tart - filling is very HOT!  Just the ticket after a hard day's building

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