Wednesday, January 23

Paleo Fishcakes with Kale

This was an easy cook using fish from the frozen section at ASDA: yellow fish (smoked), salmon and a reduced piece of white fish (cod) mixed with sweet potatoes.  It was a quick cook too with ingredients thrown together and cooked within 30 minutes.  Serve with some toasted kale and a couple of jalapeno peppers and we're good to go.  Tasted a bit like samosas, (strangely)  Serve topped with cheese and some chips for the kids and kale (of course,take no prisoners)!.


1lb fish (mix and match as desired)
4 sweet potatoes cooked and mashed with a dab of butter
1 tbspn mustard
1 finely diced onion
2 eggs
Sea salt and cracked black pepper


1.  Simple!

2.  Steam the fish

3.  Cook and mash the potatoes with a bit of butter

4.  Mix the ingredients together with the eggs and mustard and the fine dice onion (spring onions would be good here)

5.  Form into cakes and fry - ghee worked well giving a lovely glow and taste to the fish cake.

PS Ghee is now widely available in supermarkets especially in the stores with a large ethnic population near by - thank you Tescos, Canal Road Bradford!!


pjgh said...

Nicely done! Kale is lovely with fish, isn't it? Heavy iron, I think - a perfect combination. Have you found black kale yet? Cavolo Nero, in its native tongue.

Sainsbury do a "Fish Pie" mix off their fresh fish counter - all the trimmings off fillets from all manner of fish. This is a great base for fish cakes.

Also, my local Chippie does bags of "Cat Scraps" - again, all the trimmings. With a bit of perseverance, all the fishy bits can be removed from skin and carcass. Nothing more than fish cakes can really be made from it.

pjgh said...

... I also meant to say, check out Tesco in up Great Horton Road. They have a huge World Foods section, covering the usual, but also Africa, South America and so on ...

You'll find good red palm oil, Brazilian sour starch, simple chilli sauces, dried fish heads, all manner of goodies! And, ghee, of course.

Don't forget, 'tis the season for goose fat - perfect frying fat.