Wednesday, January 9

Paleo Chicken and Gravy

Here we go, a very adaptable easy meal. This one's for all those chicken and gravy meals we had as children.  I was looking to re-create that taste and texture, that fullness and warmth, paleo-style but using my slow-cooker (crock pot).  At tea, our youngest son Rob said "don't change a thing, Mum it's perfect...."

And yes before you ask, that felt good!


5 pieces of chicken
Coconut oil
Warm spices of your choice (ginger, zatar (a spice blend from Tesco), chilli salt, feel free to add what works for you)
1 large onion
Chicken stock (approx 1 pint)
1 slow cooker


1.  Fry the chicken on both sides in the coconut oil to brown

2.  Add spices to the mix and cook for about five minutes

3.  Chop the onion into pieces and lay on bottom of slow cooker

4.  Add a few more spices of choice to flavour, place the contents of the frying pan on top of the onion

5.  Cover and cook on low until you come back in from work

6.  Carefully remove the chicken pieces with a slotted spoon and keep to one side.  Blend the sauce with a stick blender or in the liquidizer to make the gravy.  Add some arrowroot if a slightly thicker consistency is required.  Return the chicken to the pot, ready to serve.

Note: We fried a few left over bits of bacon to top it off and served with broccoli and left over celeriac mash.  The boys had a jacket potato each with butter, microwaved (but don't tell those cavemen)!!

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