Saturday, January 26

Le Bistro Pierre, Ilkley

Eating out…celebration and food, love it!  Last night we had something to celebrate.  A house sale, it’s done.  We are moving, finally, joyfully we get to find a new home.  

So we left the children at home and headed out into town.  Snow was falling gracefully, silently a delicate hush outside but closing the door on our rented home felt good with all those quiet plans finally calling us home. 

We drove to Le Bistrot Pierre in Ilkley: french food, gentle lighting, relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and today free wine too: we arrive then happy and expectant.  Love eating out, we do it, often.  In fact our love of food has broadened and deepened as we evolve with paleo and trying something new, that’s what keeps life interesting!

Tonight we choose olives and also chorizo sausage (gently fried in honey) as appetisers and share a plate of delicately sliced beef with shavings of parmesan cheese and a scattering of green salad leaves.  The earthy colours on the plate enhance the strong meat flavour and the creamy parmesan is a subtle contrast with the light bright green salad leaves bringing everything back into line.  We drink deep burgundy coloured red wine and appreciate the blend of flavours with each mouthful.

For the main, we share a top quality home-made burger topped with melted brie and bacon and onion chutney with a side order of softly braised red cabbage.  As we eat, we watch the snowflakes falling past the window, watching empty streets normally teeming with traffic, quieten, closing.  Next we share boeuf au violette, chunky slices of beef in a warm thick gravy served with the same softly braised red cabbage and broccoli: the purples and greens bringing definition and depth to the dish.

Driving home, the snow falls soft and heavy on the ground.  At times the flakes come at the windscreen horizontal, fast and disorient us.  Driving up the by-pass our speed slows right down, crawling up the hill back to the children.

This morning we wake to more snow, to plans of a house move and to easy talk of sledging, breakfast and transport.  Where’s your favourite paleo eatery?  How do you like to celebrate?

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