Friday, January 11

Dear Goat, You Had Me at Hello!

Goat - mixed reviews around the Oliver table!

Would we eat it again?  Probably not.

But then we are all total suckers for a sob story.

It started like this.  A rainy day in Harrogate, hurrying together past the butcher's shop window, we both saw a chalk advert on the blackboards outside.  Goat, local, delicious!

Huddling together we pushed in through the door and asked the butcher if he had goat’s legs, choking back the pre-adolescent rush of silly giggles.

He had a sense of humour though (must have for the price we eventually ended up paying….read on) and there then followed this long discussion regarding the goat industry as a whole, culminating in the startlingly raw fact that male baby goats are whacked over the head when born because they are of no use.  An enterprising farm lad had rescued the boy goats and reared them for nine months to give them a go at life, he said and so, we were sold and yes, they had me at hello!

Having reduced us both to tears we didn’t blanch once as we parted with the best part of £20 for a leg joint (ouch)!

This then is the problem.  Having been sold on the idea that it would taste like a leg of lamb – also hideously expensive in the UK – we thought we were onto a winter winner.

Trouble is.  It doesn’t taste like lamb.  We cooked it long and slow as instructed but it really isn’t that great a taste.  Sort of dark and fatless and a bit stringy.  Lean..mmmm...definitely not what gets this cave girls going!

For this to catch on in the local market they are going to have to drop the price.   A lot.

Verdict: save your money or find a cheaper supply ;)

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pjgh said...

I don't mind goat at all ... but yes, it does seem to prefer being curried.