Tuesday, December 25

Paleo Christmas at Home

In case it has escaped your notice, it’s Christmas and we’re loving it!

This year we decided to make it about the food and about the eating and about the ritual and the celebration of Christmas of the darkness passing and the light turning back into life and we are talking feast!

We love eating. 

We love paleo eating and finding this healthy sustainable way of eating has brought us closer together as family in unexpected, simple ways.  We eat together every day.  The family dinner is that one moment in the day when we get to really connect, to talk, to argue, to plan, to share and way too often recently to experience that kind of mass hysteria you get when you are sharing with people you love and who love you.

This family table is also the place where we gather together in times of celebration and sadness, to embrace food and each other.  “The table is a place of communion for life’s large and small events” (writes master chef Art Smith) and we wouldn’t disagree.

And so Christmas falls neatly into this space.  “You think you have a handle on God, the Universe and the Great White Light until you go home for Christmas”  writes Shirley Maclaine  “…in an hour you realise how far you’ve got to go and just who is the real turkey” and that for us  is the blessing of family.

And that we write, is one of the unexpected joys of paleo-living.  This sense of connectedness, this family.  We’ve always been here together but somehow investing the time to cook together and eat together has pulled us together and made us stronger and it’s this we pass onto to our readers.  And we are excited for all the amazing meals the family table will share next year!

So on this Christmas Day as you peel the sprouts and prep the parsnips, roast the turkey and braise the cabbage, look up: go on take a good long look and take a moment to connect with those around you.  Embrace those you love and invite them to share at your table: there’s nothing better.

Until next time…have a smashing Christmas.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! We are having a Paleo Christmas too.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! We are having Paleo Christmas too.