Monday, December 31

Make Change Happen!

For many of us the New Year will bring with it a resolve to change.  Perhaps to finally tackle that weight loss and achieve the lean strong body we have longed for since our teens.  For many of us too, we have been here before and the weight of perceived failure can feel so intense we wonder how we can make a difference, how we can change. 

How do you make change happen when it has not happened before.

Step one is to recognise that it is never too late to change, ever!

Second be prepared to walk a different path (in much the same way walking our paleo path goes against the grain) and different to those who opt for the way of the the New Year Resolution.  Be real. we are going to shake things up a little this year.  To make change happen then we have to be prepared to let things go.

First up,  consider what it is that needs to change.  Be detached, analyse and name it.

So what is it about carrying the extra weight that bugs us?

Take a sheet of tissue paper.  Divide it into smaller pieces and write down each feeling that comes up (discomfort, bloat, disgust, shame, greed, loathing: dig deep, really go for it but remember each word is me-specific).  The act of writing down will clarify the situation and allows us to detach from the issue, reducing the power of the issues hold over us and often times providing the glimmer of possibility of something new.

Now slip on those walking boots and get out there. There's work to be done and we are going to get rid of those feelings associated with being overweight once and for all.  We carry too much baggage around with us to allow for possibilities and like we write now, it's the New year and it's time to make a change, it's time to let it go.  We invite you to make a ritual of letting go.  Celebrate.  There's far too much unnoticed magic happening in our world, tap into that wonder and harness possibility to make that change.  Get out there and release the frustration, throw it up and out to something bigger than me, let them deal with it - we have a life to live!

 Here’s one woman’s experience:

“Out came my climbing boots and I headed out to climb the fells.  The sun was shining, the sky a clear blue and a frisky wind was blowing.  When I reached a good height I stopped and, one by one, I held a piece of paper out in my hand and let it fly.  I watched as each one lifted, fluttered, rose and flew.  They blew out of my system and away.  As I did this I thought “this is stupid” but since then I have changed, I feel released and relieved” Lesley Garner

Here is ritual and grace in action.  Use it, get free.

The paper words create a symbol of all that troubles us and when we hold them up to something bigger than us: in this case something elemental like the wind, it takes them from us and absolves us.

The burden of obesity can shame us.  Shame is an isolating, lonely affair.   But the act of ritual lifts us out of ourselves and reconnects us to the flow of life and from that point we have perspective and we say, from that point, we can make change happen.

Try it. Start 2013 clear of the old stuff, burn it, throw it out, let it set sail away on the swollen rivers and let's make 2013 a year to remember!

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