Friday, December 14

Hunger at School: Make a Difference

School dinners – love em or loathe them this issue involves our children and is a very emotive subject.

This morning on Sky News, the lead item confirmed that 3 out of 4 teachers have given money to children who come to school hungry and who have experienced hunger at school without school dinners. 

This made us think.  Do we really not have enough money to give our children breakfast?  And are we feeding our children a good enough breakfast?  A breakfast that will satisfy their hunger? 

We advocate a paleo diet.  For our children too.  Why?  Because it is the only way of eating that keeps hunger in check.  This is key when we are on limited budgets and limited in the food choices we can afford to give our children.  Let’s make it count!!

Do not go for easy empty calories like pop tarts, cornflakes even porridge.  Why?  Because by ten o'clock those tummies hit by the sudden drop in blood sugar will be roaring for more food and who wants to spend the next six hours tearful, lunch-less and hungry?  Teachers educate your pupils to make good choices at home!

Children go for something different!  Think outside the box (cereal or other).  Choose for eggs, butter, bacon and spinach.  Mix ‘em up and make an omelette.  Crispify the bacon in butter and chuck on top of scrambled egg, add in some spinach and this breakfast will see you through even to getting home after school for a 3pm finish.

Get radical.  This choice of food and this way of eating will get you fit and lean.  Try it and see!

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