Sunday, December 30

Cavegirl Porky Scratchings

Heaven is...a great paleo snack that works with each new year's eve tequila!  So in keeping with the spirit of festivities, we offer home made porky scratchings, cooked in the oven and adored by any self respecting caveman for thousands of years!


Pork Skin


1.  Find some pork skin..try your local butcher and ask nicely - you will be surprised what you can get for free nowadays!

2.  Cut the pork skin into smaller manageable pieces but don't go too small....

3.  Lay the pork skin pieces on a baking tray and salt them.  Be generous and then place the baking tray in the fridge.

4.  Leave tray in the fridge, exit stage left and stock up for your celebrations

5.  Heat up the oven to 180C, remove the tray from the fridge and dry the pork skin.  The salt leaches the water out of the pork skin and will give us the ultimate crackling rosie porky scratching we love.

6.  Add more salt to the skin both sides and pop into the oven.

7.  After ten minutes turn the oven down to about 140C.  This process renders out the fat and dries out the pork skin to give us the flavour and crunchy texture

8.  Watch the baking tray and about every twenty minutes, drain off the fat and store elsewhere to use for other cooking projects - no kidding it will taste fantastic.  Turn the pork scratchings at the same time.

9.  Total cooking time approximately 90 minutes but this is cooking by look and smell and feel and touch - we know when they are ready: the colour deep and rich, the skin bubbly and turning in neat chunky shapes.

10.  Leave to cool, season with black pepper and enjoy

The beauty of this snack is that it is impossible to over eat - we promise

Try it and see.

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