Monday, November 12

Where have you been paleo works?

Egypt is magnificent, period!

We’re back following an extended vacation in Nabq Bay and apologies to any and everyone out there who tried to contact us in our absence.  We’re back and following up every lead throughout the week.  So how are you doing?

This holiday confirmed to each of us the benefits of our paleo diet.  Why?  For the writer, it was well and truly a sense of doing extraordinary things, the freedom of being spontaneous and saying “yes” loudly to anything and everything that came round to play.

Don’t dismiss the ability to thrive – it’s why we are here, after all.  And for all of us out there who have also experienced life as survival of the fittest, take heart: from experience we write to share that life does shift .,try it and see.

Follow paleo basics, strip the processed food and sugary drinks from our diet and eat more fat, light the blue touch paper sit back and watch and then share..let’s turn the food planet on it’s head

Til next time

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Anonymous said...

Glad your back!