Thursday, November 22

Magical Thinking

We've always been a bit sceptical about affirmations and positive thinking here at paleo works.  Take that Louise Hay.

Try as hard as we can there's always that knowing voice that undermines whatever it is we are trying to embrace:

"I am slim and strong" we say
"Yeah right" says the voice

"I have a pretty face and great legs"
"Says who?" says the voice
"I eat healthful food and make positive choices for my body"
"Get outta here, you are not fooling anyone especially not me" so says the voice

Sound familiar?

And yet time and again we read how pushing through the  negative thoughts about our selves, our body image, our look by re-training our mindset is a constructive sure fire way to achieve lasting change.  What can we do?

Try this: turn the statements on their head and now we start to get somewhere.  When we embrace and accept where we are, we will make progress.  This time say

"I used to be heavy and now I'm lighter/stronger/slimmer/firmer and it feels great"

"I used to be -------------- and now I'm --------------------------------"  You fill in the blanks!

Keep this with you throughout the day.  Keep checking in and trying out the statements and see what a difference you can make to today.  We can do this together.  Tell us what you discover!

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