Saturday, November 24

Go Primal with Naked Ape

What follows is an interview with Pete Davis co-Founder of Naked Ape (with brother Mark) and a real inspiration for change.  Go primal! These guys are out there doing it and creating Paleo food on the go for the UK!

Our favourite line from the interview?

What do you think is the secret to long life and happiness.

Eat clean and train dirty, practice what you preach and make sure you don't follow the crowd. Find the balance of work, life, training and nutrition that works for you and only you. You are not the same as the person next to you and what they do most likely won't work for you.

True in ways just waiting for you to explore!

How would you describe your product " naked ape" in three words? Nutritious Yet Delicious

What's in it? Each pack is made up from Biltong which is South African dry cured meat, nuts and fruits. All the packs are completely natural and no additives or preservatives are used in any of our ingredients. 

Who is the product aimed at? The packs were originally aimed at Crossfit Athletes as they follow the Paleo diet rather closely. This was to gain some following and then spread out. It is aimed at anyone from those who want a tasty snack and want to eat healthily to those who are elite athletes be in endurance, rugby, strength training. Everyone should be eating these packs instead of a packet of crisps or chocolate bars

What prompted you to develop " naked ape" and who do you think is eating it? When my brother and I started doing crossfit we were introduced to the Paleo Diet. After opening a gym and working full time myself and my brother working shifts, we found it really hard to always be prepared and finding good snacks was both hard and expensive. Like most people preparation was the hardest part for us. For no reason but laziness and being busy! We found some snacks online but they were in America and the ones we found in the UK we were not fans off. So we decided to make them ourselves and we have just grown from there. We now supply all through Europe and to many gyms through the UK and Europe. 

What difference has eating paleo has made to you? I’m a different person. I no longer have mood changes and feel down on myself. I am more focused, stronger and fitter than ever before and don’t feel sluggish when I wake up in the morning. Owning a gym and running a snack food company is a 24 hour a day life and paleo has helped so much. You feel mentally clear. My brother has lost over 2 stone himself and feels the same as I do. The biggest thing is not feeling bloated and tired all the time. Knowing you are fuelling yourself well makes such a difference to your mentality. 

Tell us a little bit about your company. We started in 2011 at an event in Swansea and have since grown like we never imagined. We are two brothers from Harrogate who had a desire to help people eat well and make the correct nutritional decisions. Our company promotes exactly what we say we do, we are nothing more and nothing less than our product and we expect the highest standards of quality and customer service that we can achieve. We started with 3 products and now have 15 in our range. We also run nutritional seminars as a sister company Barefoot Ape. We supply to gyms all over Europe and have a very busy website. Our future plans are to open a cafe and take over the world!! 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves - Peter - I am 27 and upon leaving university with a business degree I trained as a personal trainer as I have always had a passion in sport and fitness. I now co-own Crossfit HG3in Pannal, Harrogate and co-own Naked Ape with my brother Mark. Promoting a good lifestyle, effective training and good nutrition is what I love doing. I olympic lift and would love to compete in the future but I think I may have missed the boat!! Work is no longer work and more of a passion which will never die. Mark - Mark is 30 and upon leaving uni with a marketing degree worked for a few companies before a career change and becoming a Mental Health Nurse at Harrogate Hospital. He trains at Crossfit HG3 when time allows but follows a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With a keen interest in motor cycling, training and business Naked Ape allows Mark to bring his creative skills to the table as he does all the design and promotion for the business and so much more. 

And finally:
What do you think is the secret to long life and happiness? - Eat clean and train dirty, practice what you preach and make sure you don't follow the crowd. Find the balance of work, life, training and nutrition that works for you and only you. You are not the same as the person next to you and what they do most likely won’t work for you. 

Intrigued?  We'll promote anyone on out site who wants to make a difference to our world!  Place your orders direct with the Naked Ape here and help these guys realise their dream.

Thursday, November 22

Magical Thinking

We've always been a bit sceptical about affirmations and positive thinking here at paleo works.  Take that Louise Hay.

Try as hard as we can there's always that knowing voice that undermines whatever it is we are trying to embrace:

"I am slim and strong" we say
"Yeah right" says the voice

"I have a pretty face and great legs"
"Says who?" says the voice
"I eat healthful food and make positive choices for my body"
"Get outta here, you are not fooling anyone especially not me" so says the voice

Sound familiar?

And yet time and again we read how pushing through the  negative thoughts about our selves, our body image, our look by re-training our mindset is a constructive sure fire way to achieve lasting change.  What can we do?

Try this: turn the statements on their head and now we start to get somewhere.  When we embrace and accept where we are, we will make progress.  This time say

"I used to be heavy and now I'm lighter/stronger/slimmer/firmer and it feels great"

"I used to be -------------- and now I'm --------------------------------"  You fill in the blanks!

Keep this with you throughout the day.  Keep checking in and trying out the statements and see what a difference you can make to today.  We can do this together.  Tell us what you discover!

Monday, November 12

Where have you been paleo works?

Egypt is magnificent, period!

We’re back following an extended vacation in Nabq Bay and apologies to any and everyone out there who tried to contact us in our absence.  We’re back and following up every lead throughout the week.  So how are you doing?

This holiday confirmed to each of us the benefits of our paleo diet.  Why?  For the writer, it was well and truly a sense of doing extraordinary things, the freedom of being spontaneous and saying “yes” loudly to anything and everything that came round to play.

Don’t dismiss the ability to thrive – it’s why we are here, after all.  And for all of us out there who have also experienced life as survival of the fittest, take heart: from experience we write to share that life does shift .,try it and see.

Follow paleo basics, strip the processed food and sugary drinks from our diet and eat more fat, light the blue touch paper sit back and watch and then share..let’s turn the food planet on it’s head

Til next time