Wednesday, October 24

Traffic Light Labelling for Food: Why?

Traffic light labelling for food: why would the food industry agree to this?  Pressure from Government?  Altruistic concern over the rising numbers of obese people? Genuine belief this might actually help the plight of overweight citizens across the world?

Unlikely.  Key question here – what’s in it for the food industry!

We think this.  Traffic light labelling diverts people from the real issue while displaying faux genuine concern for UK citizens. A win-win situation for those in the money.

Traffic light labelling maintains the focus on processed foodstuffs while somehow making this an acceptable source of nutrition.  We think they are missing the point.  This is about real food folks!  By somehow diverting attention away from real food and legitimising processed junk food they keep the money “in-house”.

Don’t fall for it.  Keep food choices real and don’t be deflected from the cause. Keep an open mind and question everything.  What do you think?

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