Monday, October 22

Black Tights and Winter Boots

Is it just me or is it genuinely more difficult getting up on Monday morning now the weather is changing?  Habit perhaps but we saw the evening meal last night have a large portion of stodge included in the form of Yorkshire pudding ...easy tiger!  This morning like a bear with a bad case of the grumps, the overwhelming desire was to stay under the covers and not venture out.  Long time since we recall feeling like that.  So what’s going on?

In England as the nights draw in we switch out of British summer time and into winter hours.  We do get that extra hour in bed but we lose it at the other end of the day with the nights getting darker earlier such that we appear at work as daylight starts through and leave as it disappears making the days gloom.

So how to lift the swirls and mists of damp out of our soul? This year for once, the emphasis is on acceptance.  The weather is what it is, embrace it!  Dress warm, grab those thick winter tights and boots and enjoy the crazy colours and depth of experience.  Am still here for one and that must count for something.

Meals will also deepen.  We will focus on thick stews and roasts cooked generously with fat.  Eating slowly and deliberately and savouring the tastes, the warmth of the spices and colours of the vegetables we pack into our meals.  Can’t wait.  Love the fact we eat until we are full on this diet then sit back and sit back and sit back.  Once we let go of the social conditioning of three meals a day, life and eating in life feels so much simpler.  

What's your experience?

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