Monday, September 24

The Truth will set us Free

self love
Or nothing changes until it becomes what it is…

Most of us can tell at a glance what isn’t working in life unless it’s our own life that is.

And denial is not just a river in Egypt. 

Take being overweight.  When we are feeling chubby it’s true, we avoid the scales like the plague…..the last thing we want to know is accurate information being our actual weight. 

The same with overspending we don’t want to see the actual overspend written down on credit card statement oh nooo.  Let’s keep the dream alive a little longer (you know the one that says money is not an issue and we have a lot of it)

In truth, we are not ignorant just a little vague.  For being vague on the detail can seem to make life bearable.  We let ourselves know just enough, we take a small peek just enough to let us know that we don’t want to know any more about it.  It’s there but not fully formed so doesn’t count.  Psychologists call this denial..

The first step to making change is to accept that there is a problem. 

Martha Beck recommends we hold onto that denial for a moment and then fill in the following blanks:

Here’s what I know is true even though I wish it weren’t……………

Here’s what I really feel about it even though I don’t want to………………………….

Bummer.  Really bad.  Really bad.  Don’t panic!

Remember to breathe. Remember too this is the first step in the process of change which we have bravely begun.

Next time we will take a look at the next step: self-acceptance and how this can set us free.

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