Sunday, September 16

Taking the Power Back

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Elsewhere on this blog we have touched on the idea of Intermittent Fasting (IF) and here. Possibly one of the most beneficial aspects of IF is that it dramatically alters our perspective on eating.  Like moving across the road or standing on our heads. Try it and see. After 24 hours food choices come much easier.We have gained perspective and no longer want to put junk food into a body that feels rested and well.

Further, by abstaining from food for a short period we are putting our mind in control of our behaviour and giving ourselves a break. Taking back a bit of control over life is an empowering feeling and can lead to improved self-image and confidence. What felt dense and challenging begins to feel extraordinarily clear.  And with perspective we gain understanding building on the chink of light ahead.

And for those worried about their body failing without food across a mini-fast? Please rest assured that our bodies are genetically adapted through a process known as ketosis to last much more than ten hours without food.  It feels natural not to eat sometimes so just go with that feeling: it just happened fasting packs more of a punch than those planned for moments where some will over compensate and eat more because of a decision consciously made to fast as opposed to skipping a meal.

Always remember to keep hydrated during a fast. Drink tea or green tea or black coffee as well as water. Keep busy and try exercising before breaking your fast – the results are always positive.

For more great ideas on fasting try this new paper review of intermittent fasting and calorie restriction: can they help me live longer? Lose Weight?

Then tell us about your success.  We'd love to hear from you