Friday, September 14

Paleo for Life

So, we’ve moved in and like we’ve written before, never underestimate the power of stress to wreak havoc with diet and life! These two weeks have been a roller coaster ride.  After living in my home town for the last 25 years, we upped sticks and moved away.  Have experienced much of life in that old town:  the births of my four children, divorce, the deaths of both my parents, the death of my children’s father.  Gaining hope, stepping up, stepping out and meeting my much adored husband, Michael, marrying, gaining a wonderful stepson, holding down a full-time job though all of it, the list feel endless and so you see, moving away was a wrench.  

And like we wrote, never underestimate the power of stress to wreak havoc especially when it comes to food!  Truth is genetically we haven’t evolved that much from our hunter-gatherer ancestors for whom stress meant only one thing – famine, starvation and lack.

So when stress kicks in, our bodies slow down to save energy and food output and send out these crazy food signals shouting “come on, don’t delay, get it while you can!”  

Finding ways to remove that stress becomes key because now we are fighting evolution and for survival of the species.  That’s what our bodies tell us any way and unless we remain scrupulously aware, we can easily slip back into overeating into overconsumption of carbohydrates into feeling horrible.  We have written about the effect of stress on the body many times over: this stuff isn't new.

Truth is, gaining perspective helps.  Not always easy but helped by becoming aware of what we are doing.  It’s like we need to create a little space in which good things can happen instead of experiencing this portion of life with our face pressed up against the window, we need to step back and see the bigger picture.

Exercise helps.  Becoming physical helps.  Becoming present helps.  Become aware of what you are sitting on for example, the telephone resting on the table, the steam from the cup of tea on the table, watching, describing, pulling back from going inside ourselves again and remaining present, pulling back again when we come up against the stress, pulling away from the same old stories: can’t do it, scared, unloved, small.  It's about taking a deep breath and getting back on track.

So here’s the view from out my new bathroom window.  Here’s what blew in this morning.  The presence in the wind so strong, perhaps it can’t help but stir something positive and new.  And just for a moment, all is well.  Life is this incredible journey: how do you manage your stress?

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