Tuesday, September 11

On Eating Dairy Products

Through the Narrow Gate
This is a great question received in the mail bag last week which deserves an answer:

Message: Hi, I love your website.  I’ve been trying to follow paleo for a while now – with a one month relapse when I decided that I couldn’t cope with being deprived of wheat and other grains.  Any way I’m back on the “straight and narrow” although I’ve realised that I’m eating way too much fruit and I’ve been using Agave – which I’ve just read is a big no no – so it’ll be a little straighter and narrower now!  It probably explains my inability to lose weight whilst I thought I was being good!  Having said that – I’m confused by your inclusion of dairy products in your recipes?  I thought they didn’t feature on the paleo diet because milk and it’s products are designed for baby cows not humans.  I’d be interested in your response because I love butter and yoghurt almost as much as fruit – I really like the two together !!

First thank you for your question. It is great to share and gives us a chance to explore our diet with you.

Second, take a look at the picture.  Reading between the lines (to us) there is an element of "old-school" thinking: the kind that says when I follow a paleo diet I deprive myself, I restrict myself and I must force myself to walk a straight and narrow path.  Take a second look at the picture - does it make sense now?

Read this feature about abundance, take a deep breath, let go of all the old school thinking and make a different choice.  Whatever has gone before,  it's never too late to press that re-set button.

The great question you raise on eating dairy products fits neatly into this pattern.  

For us, eating paleo is a lifestyle choice.  How we do it is up to us.  We say on the "Oliver Diet", that dairy products are optional because for some giving up a cup of tea with a splash of milk is too hard.  Life is so not about being hard on ourselves.  And if it's that splash of milk or yoghurt that makes the difference between adopting this lifestyle and not then take the milk for all the science behind it with this one proviso, how does your body tolerate it.  And to find that out do without dairy products for thirty days then start eating them again and see what happens.  

If our body reacts with fearful tummy cramps, nausea and gas then that experience tells us not to use it in our diet and it is amazing how those symptoms make it easy to leave these products behind.  

Try it and see!  Give it a month and get back to us, tell us how it's going, we'd love to hear from you.  

Until next time..

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