Thursday, September 20

On Being Real

on being accountable

Change is tough.  Throw in a set of altered circumstances and wow, after 47 years how easy to slip back into old habits, routines and coping mechanisms.  Keep vigilant.  Watch.  There’s nothing else to do in circumstances such as these. Feel your way out of the scary places, the new house, the new routines, the new life together and trust.

Action plan required. 

Today we drop the milky coffee comforter before work that has slipped into the routine and opt for Americano, a splash of milk, no more than that.  We skip breakfast keeping the fast going til lunch and pack up some roast pork and fat crackling for lunch or whenever, whenever the day gets to feel long and scary.  It’s about trading out those habits it’s not about being hard and it’s not about being outfaced by the challenge.  We trade it up and out for manageable chunks.  We keep walking.

Arriving at work.  Take five minutes out to find a new simple paleo recipe for tea.  Chorizo and bacon frittata: simple and do-able: prepare quick list of ingredients to collect at lunch-time.  Pressure gone.  This we can do.  Keep breathing.

Hold fast an intention to post supper pictures on facebook.  Being accountable helps. Come visit us tonight and share.  We could sure use some paleo love from our paleo friends and family.

Talk soon.

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Tara said...

Exactly what I needed today. Thank you.