Monday, September 10

Mum, Please Don't Teach me to Count Calories!

fat mum and child
This is a pet hate….please do not teach children to count calories.  Teach them instead to value good food and understand how to eat to thrive.  Don’t know how?  That’s why we are here so there will be no more fraught conversations with your child at the chocolate pudding counter in Tescos over the calorie content of each “treat”.  Just put it back!

Instead ask your children to spot the natural food, the food that is going to fill their tummies and keep them fit and strong.  Make it an adventure, make it fun.  Children love to participate and love to spend time with us, sharing.  Make that sharing worthwhile.  Teach them well and the foundation will last a life time.

Teach them calorie counting and our children will battle with weight all their life. We have to learn from our own experience and we know that calorie counting; eat less and exercise more will only ever lead to weight gain, yo-yo dieting and a sense that whatever we do, there will never be enough.  Our children deserve so much more.

First take a refresher course on why calorie counting doesn’t work.  Then send us your questions.  We love to hear from you.  Til next time

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Josephina said...

I agree with your post. When I started to become conscious about my weight, counting calories was such a chore, I hated it. But thanks to Paleo Diet, eating healthy and right has been given importance over limiting yourself.

By the way, this is a great site where I get recipes, worth taking a look :)