Monday, September 3

How to Stop Emotional Eating

This is a great question we received in the mailbag over the weekend.

And it leaves us in somewhat of a dilemma.  Those of you who follow our blog know that for us emotional eating is all about the hormone insulin and the food choices we make.  The beauty of our diet is that it levels out the sense of emotional overload brought on by carbohydrate addiction.  It gives a fighting chance to those of us who lurch from mood to mood because it takes the “sugar” out of the equation and presents us with a level playing field from where we can tackle any underlying causes.  You get this when you decide to commit.

Overeating however is one of the most common causes behind sudden weight gain.  But eating in response to emotions is an easy trap to fall into.  We say that we eat when we are stressed, bored, sad or even happy but the reality is very different.

Try looking at it like this.  It’s the food that is causing us to experience the emotional turmoil particularly so if the food choices we make are laden with sugar and poor quality fat with carbohydrates (doughnuts, fried chicken, sweets) exactly the kind of food we do reach for to cheer ourselves up.

This can be an “aha” moment for some (yes the picture makes sense now)!.  It’s this heady realisation that we each have the ability and power within us to stop the turmoil and get off the roller coaster that causes us to feel wretched.  It comes down to our diet.  Try it and see.

In the meantime for any of us out there today who are right in it and “riding the tiger” here are a few tips courtesy of celebrity therapist Marisa Peer entitled: Masterclass

  • If you are stressed, have a cup of tea – hot drinks have an immediate relaxing and calming effect
  • Stop seeing food as a reward, refusing it is not a restriction but a benefit to our health
  • We only eat emotionally because we tell ourselves it will make us feel better but the relief is temporary.  We become trapped in a cycle of eating when we are low and then feeling down because we have gained weight and then eating more.  By distracting our self with a phone call to a friend or a quick look at facebook we can break thses old habits.
  • Change our language from “I can’t, I’m on a diet”(Jeez)  to “I’m choosing not to eat to help make my body stronger”  When we deny a desire it only makes it stronger (sound familiar) – instead we tell ourselves that we want to be strong and healthy (like an avatar) and after two weeks it will be natural
  • Keep the unhealthy food out of the house, change your route to work and don’t keep walking past Greggs (we added that last bit)!

It's taken the writer a long time to realise over something that feels relevant to share this morning: "nobody but nobody can make it out here alone"  writes Maya Angelou.  Plans are afoot at paleo works for something new to share.  Keep watching!

Until next time…

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