Friday, September 28

Back to Basics

Back to Paleo basics or a quick recap on why we eat paleo.

It’s not rocket science and …well…. may be that’s just it, it’s not rocket science!

If you stick to the list of good stuff: meat , fish , eggs, vegetables, a bit of fruit, seeds, nut and most important the good saturated fat you are going to be OK.  There is nothing on there that will make us fat.  There is nothing there that is processed and full of junk.  And who needs sugar when we can have fat?

Also we stop having to think about it:  about food.  Well we do think about food but not the craving type thinking about food that got to each and everyone of us in the period before.  Sound familiar?  Remember this from Caitlin Moran when we wrote about processed food an addiction of choice

“ I’m talking about those for whom the whole idea of food is not one of pleasure but one of compulsion.  For whom thoughts of food and the effects of food are the constant dreary background static to normal thought. Those who think about lunch whilst eating breakfast and pudding as they eat crisps who walk into the kitchen in a state bordering on panic and breathlessly eat slice after slice of bread and butter – not tasting it not even chewing – until the pain can be drowned in an almost meditative routine of spooning and swallowing spooning and swallowing.”

Life moves on.

The thinking about food now becomes simply what are we going to have for tea?  What can we create for tea out of that list?  Researching recipes out of the desire to create something lovely and somehow being bound by those ingredients it’s easier.

And we say again who needs sugar when you can eat good delicious saturated fat?  Never underestimate the flavoursome difference eating saturated fat can have on your diet and food.

And we are not the only ones who think this.  We’ve been talking to Paul Tubbs Head of Nursing at Manchester University.  He has written a fantastic piece for us about how he came to paleo and going forward how he incorporates paleo into his life.  We think you will want to read this…starting this weekend only at Paleo Works.

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