Wednesday, August 8

The Future's Bright

the future's bright
We can spend our whole lives perfecting the art of improvement: faster, slimmer, fitter, blonder only to realise at the end of it that nothing has actually changed.

But using this dynamic, nothing ever will change at anything other than a temporary, superficial level and like the patched-up inner tube of a tyre, we discover that any temporary fix when pressure is applied, will rip open requiring further repair.  For example, we lose weight but this creates stress when our partner challenges our new look.  Stress makes us wobble and under pressure we start eating again.  And so it goes.

It’s because this approach misses the underlying dynamic that keeps the struggle for self-improvement in place. Change our approach, transform our strategy and we can finally experience permanent peace. We can resolve anything from this point.

For every problem, it seems that there is a future we have already written. And this future includes our assumptions, hopes, fears, perceptions “life lessons already learned” based on past experiences. We believe that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed.

We don’t talk about this future which is peculiar when we consider that the vast majority of us live from this point, live every waking moment as if this future is destined to occur. If someone pointed it out to us, we might challenge their view point, we might even get angry and we would deny that this future occurred. But what we have is a default setting, a filter through which we perceive things will occur. And that becomes our reality.

And it’s seldom great.

Recognise it? Look hard, it can be subtle but many of us live into that future as if it is our destiny unaware that by doing so we are making the outcome inevitable.

How does this relate to weight loss? It’s a personal challenge many of us struggle with time and again. Each time we commit to a new diet or exercise regime or admit we want help we say to ourselves: yes but this time it will be different. Only it isn’t and try as we might we fail. Why is this?

Because the answer to the problem lies in our future: sometimes winning sometimes losing but always struggling because that’s the shape of our future, pre-determined by our past experiences. So change your future!

How do we do this? By being aware of our past but choosing to live in the present. It takes practice but learning to apply techniques such as this to weight loss will bring about sustained success.

Eating a paleo diet is such a simple way of bringing us to awareness. As the emotional roller coaster in our minds that has been fuelled by sugar and processed food, calms through the new food choices we make, we give ourselves the best chance to secure lasting success.

Interested? You should be! What’s your future looking like?

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