Wednesday, August 1

Paleo Works !

Why Paleo Works..what makes us different?

Simple...We believe that knowledge is key.

Before paleo hit mainstream there were already lots of negatives.  The food industry does not want you to learn about this, government does not want you to learn about this, your family and friends may not want you to know about this..


Because it really works.  And for the food industry that’s a big no!.  Where is the money to be made from a diet that espouses simple basic real food?  No gimmicks, products, processed food with high industry mark-ups..are you beginning to see the pattern?

And for the diet industry too…because you  are going to stop needing their diet products, their pre-packaged meals and the next best exercise “secret” or food product.  Where’s the money in that? 

And for your family and friends?  Do you compete?  Are they scared you will succeed?  Are they worried about the changes they witness and the change in the friend relationship?  We wrote about the impact of sustained change here.  

But in the end it’s really only ever about you and me.  About learning to respect ourselves.

And what we know for sure at Paleo Works is this.  If you simply get told to do something, you will stick to it for a while and you will see results.  You will succeed, for a while.

That’s the problem.  After you stop getting told what to do, you start to rebel (it’s kind of human nature) and slowly your old habits will return.  Nothing fundamental has really changed, you see.

At Paleo Works, we know that when you understand how something works and why it will benefit you,  you will stick to it.  Actually, when you really understand, you won’t feel like you have to stick to anything.  You will simply drop the old habits and old beliefs and have moved into a whole lot simpler place.  This is empowering.  You become strong, centered, invincible.  Because you did it for yourself.

Use our knowledge and our personal experience at Paleo Works to inspire you toward sustained change.

We don't know anyone who wants to be fat.  Gaining weight, becoming diabetic, suffering - these are not inevitable consequences of living, of growing old.

The key to success is understanding.  If you don't get it, keep going until you do.  Keep an open mind.  Call us.  We'd love to hear from you.

Til next time, here's to a stronger, leaner, beautiful you!

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