Thursday, August 23

Paleo Tracking

Photographing your food
It’s true!  Tracking your food consumption is the best kept secret weapon for weight loss but we’ve noticed that few of us choose to do this.  Why?  Time-consuming, boring and dull are frequent replies when we ask.  But watching what you eat really does help and it also becomes fun if you do it through a camera lens.

Taking a snapshot of each paleo meal replaces the laborious task of writing down everything you eat and crucially, not only does the picture provide a powerful visual documentation of unscheduled snack moments, it also triggers critical evaluation of what is being eaten at just the right time – the moment before the food is being consumed.  It brings us slap bang present with what we are doing, we are awake to the food and not on automatic pilot.  Now check out the colours smell and look of what is being eating and satiety levels also rise and that’s the power of now.

So put your camera phone to good use and snap quick shots of each meal.  Then download the photographs onto your computer and print them to make a journal or better still send them along to our facebook page and make yourself accountable.  We’d love to see what you are eating and to share our paleo journey with you.

Talk soon.

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