Tuesday, August 14

How to Eat

how to eat paleo
Most of us do not intend or expect to put on weight.

How does it happen?

There are lots of stories that accompany weight gain and we are often encouraged to share but none of them get to the root of the problem.

Which is actually this: we don't know how to eat to stay slim and maintain a healthy weight.

Think about it: when are we taught this most basic of skills?  At home, at school, by friends, by family?  It's a life skill after all but no-one shows us how to do it.

Who taught you?  Who is teaching the next generation how to eat healthy?

Bear in mind that the majority of information we receive about the food we eat comes directly from the people who sell it to us (fact not conspiracy)..and might not they have a vested interest in our food choices?

The situation is compounded by the confusion surrounding different diet plans: calorie restriction, high fibre, low fat, cabbage soup, eat eggs only (for real), grapefruit: surprisingly they all do work for a temporary fix becaue you are eating less and creating a structure and rules for a certain period of time but there in lies the problem: when we "finish" the diet, it really is all over and the weight inevitably creeps back on.  Can't think why the diet industry hasn't figured it out yet.....ah! repeat fees you say.....

Well, here's the good news: it's actually quite simple.  And there really is no need to invent a story as long as you remember this: our bodies work in a mechanical way.  Our bodies have evolved for one purpose only: survival.  Our digestive systems have evolved to extract the energy we need from plants and animals and distribute it to the cells in our body that use it as fuel to create energy.  It is a purely physiological process.  What we think or feel has zero bearing on what our bodies do with the food once we've eaten.  Our bodies want a consistent experience of good quality nutrient-dense food.  Make the job easy!

Break free from the diet trap, go paleo and learn once and for all how to eat to maintain a consistent weight and healthy body.

Until next time: eat well, sleep well, live well.

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