Saturday, August 4

Having Fun

The kitchen patio door is wide open…the front door is wide open …the breeze is blowing through and clearing the air, carrying the smell of tea cooking off and down the road.

Am waiting for Mike to come home, waiting to see him step through the door, kick off his shoes and drop his work pack.  Have prepared belly pork and coated the thick fat slices with ghee for good measure.  There are sweet potato chips roasting in coconut oil in the oven, cauliflower pieces in the steamer ready for mashing and fresh green cabbage on the top deck, a knob of French butter waiting to apply before serving.

 The air is still for a moment.

The rush of work gone, no traffic noises, no sound from the street: a simple expectant hush before the kids appear round the corner hungry and ready for tea.  And we can begin again.  Laughing, talking, catching up on the day.  And am struck again how clearing out the junk, that's  the processed foods, the grains, the sweets: how different life has become.  Simpler, stronger more direct.

Sometimes it feels that the movement away from the land that is the movement of food production away from the land has made our lives unnecessarily complicated.  What can be simple and direct becomes a minefield of over production, a drama.   There are  glimpses of this in the way we conducted and over complicated our pre-paleo life.  And it doesn't have to be like that.

What would we most like you to take from this?  That paleo is possible……..just do it, take the plunge, sit back and wait because you will find life turns in the most unexpected ways once you are clear enough to see.

Tell us about your paleo life?  We'd love you to share..

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