Thursday, August 2

Gatherer's Dream

Marsh Samphire.

Time was you would find marsh samphire chucked in with your piece of cod from the local fishmonger for Friday supper.  Time passes and nowadays you can find this beauty in your local superstore.  It's seasonal June through to September and at it's best around now.  And best of all it's free!

Samphire (or glasswort) grows freely in tidal zones on muddy sandy flats often around estuaries and tidal creeks.  We picked ours at salt marshes in Stiffkey in Norfolk; pinching out the top stems and finding ourselves rewarded with a fine salty delicacy with a delicious texture and satisfying crunch!  It looks like a baby cactus but without any prickly bits.  There is something rather wonderful about gathering in your own food.

Here's a paleo recipe you can try with your produce:

Samphire with Lemon, Butter and Olive Oil


100-200 g marsh samphire per person
sea salt
ground black pepper
1 small knob butter
extra virgin olive oil
lemon wedges

Serve with crisp-skinned barbecued mackerel


Pick over the samphire, remove roots/tough stems

Wash, rinse thoroughly break-up larger multi-branched pieces.

Bring to boil a large pan of salted water

Drop in the samphire, cook for three to four minutes.

Drain.  Season with pepper.

Toss with butter and olive oil and serve with the mackerel.

Enjoy!  Prfect for a summer's day bar-b-cue and yes, it's Friday and the sun is finally out...

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