Saturday, August 11

Hunger or Sugar Addiction?

Do you think Joan Collins is struggling for cash at the moment?  Can’t think why else you’d take on promoting Snickers?

You can watch the advert above.  But to summarise, the story-line turns this bloke, a post-football match bloke (all matey-matey), into a ranting “Alexis Carrington”.  After a few quips his mate feeds him a Snickers (yes alright marathon) bar and “our hero” calms down changing back into “modern man” or rather the ad worlds’ idea of a modern man: washed, bearded, porky and great company down the boozer…puh-lease

The message is simple: unless you are stuffing your face with a Snickers, you’ll suffer a sugar crash and become a diva: so “get some nuts”! Ouch.

So what’s my point?

Some time ago we recommended a series of shows on BBC2 by Jacques Peretti on why we got fat which told us how the advertising world invented snacks.  Seriously. Go check it out.

Before the 1970’s there was no such concept as snacking.  No such idea of those frozen packaged black forest gateau-y cake things: they just didn’t exist.  Both of us remember Vesta curries coming into the UK with the raisins and in a box…progress, we thought!

But not everything is progress.  And what the ad men have got wrong in this advert is this, that man is not experiencing hunger which is defined as a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, couple with the desire to eat or a severe lack of food.

No, what he is experiencing is sugar with drawl.

Take a closer look next time you see this advert appear on TV and imagine you replace that “Snickers” bar with alcohol or heroin or crack cocaine.

Can you tell what it is yet?  Sugar cravings NOT hunger!  An addict chasing his next hit.

Now if we can see that in our own lives, we start to get somewhere…

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