Monday, August 20

Checking into Paleo

Corey Huiffington Post
"It is hard to explain, but there is something about being overweight that kind of clouds up your mind and makes your reality seem fuzzy. But the moment I changed my eating habits and started exercising regularly that fog started to lift, and now my life is much more vibrant and crisp."  Corey

That "fuzzy" feeling that kicks in (that Corey identifies) that's when we check out of life.  When we are living our life but not occupying the corners.  Corey's quote is from a series of inspirational slimming stories and highlights an interesting point which is  self-hypnosis; a primitive technique we all use when it's all getting too much.  It's this that makes our reality "fuzzy".

It's when we find ourselves staring at an empty packet of biscuits that we have eaten without tasting, without even noticing?  When we drive home, arriving at the front door with no idea how that happened?  It's a process of self-protection that affects us all.  Think of it as being like an automatic trance, a state of mind through which we experience life but like we are asleep.  Food can do this, tip us into our deeper mind.  Subtle isn’t it?   Corey nails it above though and anyone of us who has carried extra weight  will recognise this "fuzzy " reality. Our minds use automatic trances to give us a break enabling us to function while resting, it gives us a break when it's all getting a bit tough.  It becomes a problem though when these states keep us stuck in negative patterns of behaviour such that we don't see what we are doing.  

We don't connect and it's only after the food has gone that we come too and become aware.  Then it's too late.

Slipping into these states and checking out of life will not help us achieve our endgame.  The key as ever is to catch ourselves as we start to go into that deeper mind..  And the trick is to do something that we least expect.  

There is a moment before we start to go into that thought, a moment when we can break out of that "fuzzy" place,  a moment just before we check out.  In that single moment we can change.  We need to participate fully and do something to raise our awareness.  Try being physical and connect the inner us with the outer reality: star jumps, clapping, stamping, marching on the spot, talking out loud  anything to bring us back.

And get real.  It isn't easy that first time, we want to be in that place where we don't have to be responsible where we can momentarily give up but every time we connect, the process gets easier and we begin to grow.

Congratulations then to Corey for this realisation, for conquering his weight and for daring to grow into life and fill up the corners ;)  What are you going to do different today?

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