Tuesday, August 21

About Us and our Paleo Diet

That’s me over there to the left of your screen – hi!

And here is a brief introduction to what we are doing different to you and how it is making a difference to us.

We are eating real food and we are living strong, healthy lives.  Radical.

We eat fresh, natural nutrient-dense food like fish, meat, bacon, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  This is not a diet in the sense of self-limitation or self-restriction.  We eat to maintain health and vigour and we are eating as much as we want to maintain a healthy body weight.  How about you?

We eat both plants and animals making a balanced nutrition rich diet and we take the carbohydrates we want from vegetables and fruits.  Fats like avocados and coconut oil, lard and olive oil provide us with energy and make food taste real like it used to like before our taste-buds got knocked out by sugar.

Eating like this helps to eliminate sugar cravings and give balance to body and mind.  Eating like this works to reduce our risk for most of the western life style related diseases such as diabetes type 2, alzheimers, heart disease and cancer.  How about you?

Radical?  Maybe so in these days of micro-wave-able, low fat, high process junk food but this diet packs a punch because this diet delivers.   Good-bye yo-yo dieting.  Farewell ignorance on how to eat in a modern world.  There are no excuses left.  If you are looking for answers to long term weight issues: join with us and go paleo.

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