Monday, August 6

A Shorter Life versus the Perfect Body

What would you sacrifice for the perfect body? 
Well according to research at the Centre for Appearance Research (at the University of West England) 30% of students questioned on campus would trade one whole year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight and shape. 

 A further 26% would sacrifice £5000 from their annual salary, a promotion at work, spending time with their partner, family and friends and their health to achieve this ideal look. We think it’s much simpler than this.  And anyway why can’t we have both?  That is, why can’t we have the extra year and the £5000 and the promotion at work and the family and friends and the strong healthy body?  Experience has shown that Paleo does not do compromise.  This is real: real food, real life, real results.  Lasting results and that really is important.  

And I want a long and healthy life without compromise into old age.

Where do you compromise?  Why do you compromise?  Where have you learned to accept less?

Tell us, go ahead make some noise…we’d love to hear from you.

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