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On wild horses and freedom

On Freedom

We know that paleo is simple although for some perhaps never easy.  Every day there are moments for setbacks however what we can tell you of our paleo experience is that it is possible to satisfy your physical hunger.  Then it simply becomes a matter of waiting and watching the mind move.  And it does.

There are many who make a commitment to "detox". To us, that's the "old way" of speaking (being hard on your self) and something we have both left behind.  Have you seen the 21 day sugar detox?  Have you tried to challenge yourself in this way?  We have always found the Paleo Works way non-restrictive and for us somehow this shoe-horning of freedom into old school diet packages limits what we have. Can you see that? Always focus on what you can have. Don't set yourself up to fail.

Perhaps the worst result on a sugar detox would be to complete the course and then go out and celebrate with a party meal! didn't did you?

Paleo style eating, primal eating is good eating.  It is steady eating of nutrient dense real foods. It is happy eating (not 'Happy Meal') and it provides a balanced life. Have you ever eaten porridge oats with fruit or maple syrup for breakfast (standard dietary advice for the UK)  and then been crushed at 10.30 am by the need to eat? Simply ravenous. Same with toast and jam (whole grain or other) same with Cornflakes and  Special K you name it eating the wrong food for breakfast can cause the same issues. Experiment and report back!

 "Nothing is more destablising to the brain and nervous system than blood sugar surges (and food sensitivity reactions).  Nothing is more stabilising to the brain than dietary fat"

And this mirrors our experience on a natural, caveman style diet. And this is a constant experience.  It is freedom from the storms of emotion than can rip through so destructively when we eat a high carbohydrate high sugar diet and ride the roller coaster of hormonal response. Life's a gas.

So what do you take from this article?  Simply this.  Eat a constant paleo diet and you may well be surprised at the many unintended benefits that follow.  

On Wild Horses and Freedom...Here Goes!

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glutenvygirl said...

I <3 happy eating! Good post.
(and...that's one of my favorite songs!)
Thank you for the visit to my blog!

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