Sunday, July 8

Muhammad Ali, that's who!

Here's a short story entitled "successful people mentally rehearse having it already".  That's you by the way..if not now, soon.

To be successful at something we must start by thinking what we want.  If you are reading this: to lose your excess body fat?  Get fit?  Live longer and in optimal health?

Write it down.

Because it can have a major impact on your thinking and on your life.

Says who?

Why, Muhammad Ali, the world's greatest boxer that's who. He created something called "future history".  And it works like this:-
Sonny Liston, Madison Square Garden, 4 November.

As soon as Ali knew his next opponent he would lock himself away and prepare.  He would mentally rehearse each fight sequence in his mind moving through his arrival at the venue on the night of the fight, to his dressing room preparation, his robe, gloves, boots, his walk to the ring, his victory.

He would train his body to build into the muscle his win, rehearsing physically, practising the moves the punches.  Each sequence would be run until he had his "in flight mental movie" encapsulated in seconds allowing this uncompromising man to appear before each fight with uncanny predictions "He falls in four"...predictions that had uncanny accuracy.

Once, when he lost and was questioned by a reported about the power of future history Ali replied "the other guys future history was stronger than mine!"

What he was telling us was that victory comes mostly from the mind...

And for those of us fighting our own weight battles this can be a useful lesson.

Try applying a little Ali logic to fat loss.

Start seeing the best me and start playing over and over the best me running, the best me jumping, the best me playing with the kids, the best me running and letting my jumper ride up and expose a little firm flesh to the sun and it's not wobbling and it's not awkward, it just is.  I'm being spontaneous and I'm OK.

As with all things, feel into how that works for you.  Persevere.  As the foggy haze of post sugar addiction begins to clear as it does when you change your eating, you will be amazed at the capacity to train your mind to help you achieve you goals.  That coupled with eating a good paleo diet might just give you what you need to see you home.  Inspired?  Well we follow an 80/20 rule here.  Eating being the 80 and mind being the 20.  Take what you can from each new idea and work with it but always focus on your diet first!

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