Monday, July 23

Help, I've Blown my Paleo Diet!

Some-day soon may be even today you are going to fall off your diet wagon.

Less so if you eat paleo but it happens. 

We might eat too much in the day, eat too late at night, eat something made of bread, a bun, a cake, a pastry.  Like we say, it happens.  To everyone.

But it’s how we deal with what has happened that will determine our future weight loss success.

What we want is to be able to see that slip up as just that and move right along (nothing to see here) to the next hour, the next meal, the next day. 

But what can happen is this. 

We can find ourselves stuck in a period of negative thinking.  And suddenly that small slip (perspective people) becomes a source of shame over which we begin to obsess:  followed by much blame and for some, a period of self-loathing.

This type of thinking is called “catastrophic” thinking being a tendency to catastrophise everything into being an almighty disaster, moving from A to Z in the space of a few seconds.  It runs something like this.

“I have eaten this cake.  I can feel it on my hips.  My tummy is huge.  It’s hopeless.  All that good work I have done over the last three months is over.  I have ruined it.  Everyone was right.  I can’t do this.  I will never be able to do this.  I never have been able to do this.  I don’t know why I bother.  I am useless.  I am going to eat another five buns and finish off the packet.  It is the end.”

Funny thing is if you voice this out loud to someone – you would both come to the conclusion that it was kind of funny but when you are on your own…well, it seems wholly plausible.

Why?  Because the leap from Point A to Z might seem far-fetched save for the fact that it doesn’t quite work like that.  Our minds seem to leap through a number of very plausible links, moving from each semi-logical link to the next in a very smooth sophisticated and wholly convincing way.

Two things going forward:

First: stay in the present and if you can, watch the way your mind is thinking.

Second: to stop the catastrophising you must break the links in the chain.  The easiest way to do this is to write down each step of your catastrophic thoughts and challenge them. 

Assign the thought a number from 1 to 10 depending on the likelihood of it happening.  “10” means it will happen.  “1” means it won’t happen “2” to “9” means anything in between.

So “I can feel it on my hips”.  Unlikely?  So give that one a 1

“My tummy is huge”  Well I only ate it five minutes ago..realistically that’s a 2

“It’s hopeless”  Is it?  Really? What have I achieved over the last two months?  Steady 20lb weight let's give that one a 2.

“I have ruined it”…what do you honestly think…well I’d say, perspective is key and using that, it’s may be only a 2.

Do you see the way this works.  And keep going back to your list to reassure you.  Discuss it with a it out loud..just don’t let it sit there ..use this technique to clear your head and boost your self-confidence.

Now do something positive.

Tea?  What you going to cook for you and your family?  Hit the shops and hit the ground running and don’t allow yourself space to think up any more reasons why not to succeed.

When you were a baby learning to walk and talk you never let set backs hold you back.  You just got up and kept on going.  The same with learning to drive,  speak French I don’t know I am sure you have a list of acquired skills where technique did not come straight away?

Taking action, moving, just doing something  will always make us feel more in control.  Try it and see.


Mahindra Raj said...

This is a nice piece and I hope more will be able to read it. It's inspirational especially for those who have just been into the Pale Diet and feels that nothing is happening to them. Not all diets and dieters are perfect and we slip off once in awhile. But realizing what the problem is and keep moving forward is the best thing to do.

Unknown said...

Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great job on this.

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