Thursday, June 28

Zorro Circles and the Paleo Challenge

Have you ever seen the movie “The Mask of Zorro”?  Antonio Banderas is great (for a short Spanish guy in cuban heels ‘n all) but that’s a whole other post!

Some time ago we wrote a post about the stories we carry which keep us firmly rooted in our place wherever that may be:  the stories that frame us and limit us. 

Confronting our excess weight is a classic arena for pulling out all stops on the story front.  To make a difference you have to let each story go.  It’s about transformation on every level.  To do this we simply have to be willing to make a start. 

And by the way we are fat because we have been eating the wrong food.  It’s not your fault and it's nothing to do with being weak-willed or not liking exercise.  And it is fixable.

Let’s return to the movie.  If you recall Zorro is living the life of a beggar.  He is also a poor swordsman until, one day he displays an act of courage and is witnessed by a Master Swordsman who, on seeing his potential agrees to train him.

And so it begins.  A commitment is made.  And this is key.  Circles in the sand are drawn and Zorro is held to small circles of training.  He must fight within the confines of the small circle drawn in the sand and every time he tries to fight outside of the circle, his Master instructs him to return. 

Zorro is frustrated and bewildered in turn until his mentor tells him that he must master fighting in the small circle first before he can progress.  This gives him the element of skill and control.

And in this way we can use Zorro Circles to gain control over weight.  Draw a circle in the sand and master this before seeking to progress.  In your circle commit to understanding what you hope to achieve in losing the weight and how you will do this.  Practise your understanding of paleo food, test out the first principles, talk to others but don’t step outside of the circle until you fully understand what it is you are learning and how you will achieve this. 

And we can help you with this.  With every success you can widen your circle but always, you stay in control.

Zorro circles work because they give us a tiny amount of control in what can seem to be an overwhelming situation.  They can be applied to most problems.   Simply start at where you’re at.  Keep it real simple and work to progress from that.

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