Sunday, June 24

Why eat a Paleo Diet?

Three interesting questions received over the last week:

Why does a paleo diet work?

What makes a paleo diet different from other diets I have tried?

Why opt for a paleo diet when nothing else has ever worked or has ever been sustainable?  It's a little technical but take a deep breath and read on..

Ketogenic Diet

When you stop eating sugar and starch your body will start to burn excess fat for energy particularly fat stored around your tummy.  This is a natural process known as ketosis.

Your body's design and survival instinct means that it will always look for the fastest, easiest form of energy to burn which is carbohydrates.  Eating a Paleo diet places the emphasis on protein, good fat and reduced carbohydrates in contrast to the standard english diet which is heavily carbohydrate-entered: slice of toast anyone?

All carbohydrates convert quickly to sugar in the blood and the more refined the carbohydrate source the quicker the conversion goes.  For carbohydrates think bread, pasta, doughnuts, strawberry milkshakes, chips, cake and fizzy drinks.

If you feed your body meals low in sugar and starch it is forced to obtain energy from other sources that is body fat and muscle.  Your body will only burn fat when it is starving or when easy access to sugar and starch has gone.

Other Diets

Some diets such as liquid diets (Cambridge Diet, L:ighter Life) induce ketosis through starvation.  But we don't want that!  Why?  Because starvation diets will reduce your metabollic rate.  But when you revert to food you are automatically obliged to restrict your calorie intake to make sure you do not re-gain the weight.  A life-time of dietary restriction and resentment follows.  Doesn't sound like much fun to us!  Is there another way?

Paleo Works Programme

Paleo Works is a real food ketogenic diet.  Our meal ideas are rich in protein and good dietary fats and wholesome simple vegetables.  So you chose: a lifetime of starvation and resentment or good rich simple satisfying real food and a body that functions strong and well: you decide.

When you commit to a Paleo Works programme you will lose body fat effortlessly and without hunger, the way nature intended.  You will find a corresponding increase in energy and a sense of well-being.  Then when your weight becomes normal you will find that your taste buds have changed and your cravings have gone and in this way your weight loss becomes effortlessly sustainable.  Who needs sugar when you can eat good fat?

The choice is yours.  We know through our own experience and the experience of others that this simple approach to weight loss works and will make a profound difference to you life.

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