Tuesday, June 12

Stepping Up and Stepping Out

 Sometimes its hard to step up and out of your groove.  Things get stuck.  We get fat.  It happens.  So how do you motivate yourself enough to make a difference to where you're at?  You take action.  Direct action.  Stand up and move.  Do something.  Be physical.  Make a start and clear out the cupboards!
Take out anything and everything that is going to make you fat.  Anything and everything that is going to make it hard for you to achieve balance, anything and everything that will cause you to wobble.  If it upsets  you to throw it out: take it round to a friend or a neighbour and see if they can use it. Hand it out at a housing project, meals on wheels, local charity, sell it: it doesn't matter just lose it.

Clear the space for something good to come into your life.

And then, when the house is clear, replace those unhelpful items with things you can use.  Things that will make you feel fantastic, things that will help you get creative in the kitchen.  Choose good quality meats, seasonal vegetables, eggs, spices of every variety and flavour, nuts, seeds, good fats and fruit.
You will find that without the distraction of processed food and with the temptation of real food, real fat, real taste, colours, textures you will want to cook and create new meals.  Make it easy, keep it simple and let your paleo experience grow from there!
Last night we ate roast chicken for tea with some kale chips and fresh green cabbage smothered with butter.  We made gravy from the chicken fat in the base of the tray and some herbs and spices.  The kids ate a small jacket potato and butter with this but that was entirely optional. And it was plenty more than enough.  The taste of good fat on the food is delicious ad satisfying in a way sugar never was.  There never was enough when carbohydrates formed the back drop of each meal and often we found ourselves hungry quickly after such meals: think pasta, toast, porridge oats.  In the end you will never know until you commit and try it.  In the end, that's down to you. 

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