Saturday, June 2

Resisting Change?

Are you resisting change?

For some, change will always challenge us.  But the results of that change are what motivates let’s keep our eyes on the prize!

Logically we know what to do to improve our health and our lives.  That doesn’t mean we always do it! Sometimes the mental effort of just thinking about change is enough to defeat us.  We make excuses.  We resist change because it will involve letting go of the familiar and the comfortable BEFORE we become familiar and comfortable with the new.  There is also that period of time of transition where we learn to master the new and that can involve effort.  For some too there is the nagging doubt that change is unsustainable or that past experience suggests the only possible resolution is in failure  Listen how our minds control us!

Habitual thought and ritual will always confine us.  If we want change, we must want to move outside the boxes that limit us.  It’s part of the process.  For some change will challenge a whole raft of fundamental beliefs and ideas.  For others, watch how friends and family will buy into your resistance arguing with you, discounting the validity of the paleo challenge, interrupting, cutting off taking over, negating or ignoring you.  These guys are simply mirroring your own ambivalence and resistance to change, picking up on your external cues.

Stack the odds in your favour.  And by choosing to base your nutrition around a paleo diet, you have a head start.  This paleo “diet” will satisfy your appetite, period. Dealing with everything that flows from that is down to you.

So let's keep it simple and lets identify what we want: fat loss, stable blood sugar, improved mood, enhanced stable energy levels? Practice setting your heart on that.  Then put one foot in front of the other and start moving.  In the end, it's all we can do.

"In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy." J Paul Getty

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