Saturday, June 9

Paleo Teenage PARTY!

Those who follow our blog know we have three teenage children living at home ( and four more living away)!!  We follow a paleo lifestyle here and love it: eat well, sleep well, move well and laugh wherever and whenever possible.  It really is the only answer... 

There are occasions however which bring us sharply back in line with the realities of what is going on out there in the bigger world out side our front door.   

This weekend we have been gifted with just such a reminder. Eldest boy child at home, Brad turned 14 this week.  We celebrated mid-week with presents and had a good celebration tea after school but Mike and I had promised him a party.  So Saturday rolls up and we find out selves agreeing to a four friend "sleep" over.  I say "sleep" as a more accurate description would be wide awake all nighter with large bags under the eyes and sore throats but perhaps that just Mike and I from being kept up all night by the lads and the shouting! 

Anyway I write now because the biggest issue we had was over food.  There is this perception about "fitting in" socially which plays itself out big around teenage groups be it male or female.   And this party brought with it a degree of teenage angst around what to eat.  Mike and I knew we could make a good bar-b-cue with meat, salad and some sweet potato chips that would not compromise our family's eating and after some negotiation which involved serious debate between Robbie (youngest) and Brad it was agreed this would not show any one up as being a social misfit for eating "weird" food in the inevitable post party analysis which would take place at school on Monday. 

We did compromise with a shop brought cake and some ice-cream but as the lady on the check -out at tescos remarked it was the healthiest teenage party meal she had ever seen.  And you know what?  It was fine - I don't think anyone would have known any different about the meal being paleo or not and the boys all cleared their plates and without ketchup which was the only comment made in passing that caused the Oliver family boys to take a sharp in-take of breath at any point in the evening proceedings - would they be able to get away with not having ketchup in the house or did that mark them out as odd? 

Breakfast was easy paleo wraps with chopped up ham and cheese (yes, it's on our recipe board).  Try this for yourself it was an out and out winner with six teenage boys.  Every last morsel gone and not a word about the "weird" almond flour in the wraps which slipped in under the radar. 

Have just finished washing up and was congratulating myself at the success of the party as the boys were leaving when I found this lot on the lounge floor juxtaposed with a selection of books on healthy eating.  Seems there was some sort of midnight expedition to Tescos while guess who was sleeping? least they'd cleared up!

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