Saturday, June 16

Paleo Abundance

Often times when we embark on a diet our resolve can be  broken by a perception of lack.  We feel restricted in our choices and can get caught up in an endless mantra of those things we are "no longer allowed to eat".  
We fall try to fall back on will power and then it begins to get really tough because will power alone will always let you down. .  
For me, eating paleo brings with it a profound sense of abundance.  This is my favourite quote to date about eating paleo!

"I've been eating grass-fed ground beef, steak skewers, pecan-crusted chicken, pork and fish.  I've been eating eggs, sausages, yams, deviled eggs, cabbage slaw and curry.  I've been eating spice-rubbed chicken, salmon salad and pear salad with balsamic vinegar.  I've been eating shrimp with red onion, garlic, green bell peppers, salsa verde and chili powder - served with romaine lettuce leaves, spinach, mango and lime. My fridge is filled to the brim with fresh local and organic fruit and vegetables of all colours and my freezer is full of grass-fed beef, turkey, lamb and chicken.  I haven't been scrimping on fat either.  I cook my nutrient dense meals with coconut oil and olive oil and eat plenty of avocados and macadamia nuts and even a little bit of almond butter.  What's missing from the list?  Added sugar, milk, cheese, grains, legumes...."  Yael Grauer

And that's how it is.  Once you recalibrate your taste buds to experience real food, you will wonder why you ever left!

We get to be so creative with this food: the colours, textures, smells they seem to call for a response from us and over time, an ability to cook instinctively and well, will follow.  And yes I still burn the sweet potato chips when something distracts me (ask Mike and the kids)!  Last night the bananas caught fire under the grill ( don't ask me how...........) 

The key is to  keep the kitchen well stocked with a variety of good things: fresh veg, the best meat you can afford, free-range eggs, herbs, spices, good fats, trusty bits of cookware and an ability to step into the kitchen with an open mind and to let cooking occur.  

One of the best things we do is work with clients in their own kitchens teaching new skills in order to create  real food dinners they love.  Take a look at our recipe page.  We like to keep it simple with real food ingredients.  Cooking is easy once you let go of your pre-conceptions!  

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