Monday, June 11

Human Shaped, Paleo Shaped

About two years ago I had an exchange with a close friend, lets call her Beth. Reflecting on her extra pounds, Beth pointed to a photograph of herself taken some years earlier.  "I was a size 12 there.  I look lovely.  At the time I was unhappy with my weight, I would give a lot to be there now.  I just looked normal."  

Sometimes that's all we can hope for.  When the folds of fat encircle us and hold us firmly in our place and the picture of the size zero model mocks us from the coffee table, telling us this we'll never be; may be its time to re-define our goals, forget the charts, the BMI, the instructions from slimming groups pushing you to some unachievable target and aim for "normal"  - let's re-define our boundaries and re-define our notion of weight.  

OK, so lets start here, at normal and lets find a definition for favourite is written by Caitlin Moran, she says :

"After a lifetime of consideration, I believe I have finally nailed a sensible definition of what a good advisable "normal" weight is.  What is "fat" and "not fat" and it is:  "Human shaped"  If you look recognisably straightforwardly human - the kind of reasonable figure a ten year old would draw, if asked to sketch a person in under a minute then you are fine.." From How to Be a Woman Ebury Press

You see I don't know about you but in my fat years I was not human shaped.. but hey you fill in your own blanks here ! But then, when you reach that first fat loss point, sit back and reflect from that place.  Accept or re-define.  The beauty of paleo is that you get to choose.  By this stage you will know what you can do to tweak your weight loss.  You will have a whole kit bag of work in practice and a whole network of friends and support from the paleo community.  Life becomes simpler and best of all, you're in charge.

What are your targets, goals, expectations? Are you already Paleo or do you want to know more about this amazing re-discovery?  We'd love to hear your story...... 

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